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About Atkinson
slogan Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC is a full-service contractor that has been building for clients in the public and private sectors since its inception in 1926. We offer a comprehensive range of project development and construction services to clients across industries and for a full spectrum of project types.

An important distinction between Atkinson and other firms is our knowledge of, and experience in, the construction of highly-engineered and complex heavy civil projects. We have built more than 50 major bridges since 1946; more than 80 of the world's largest dams; excavated some of the country's most complex mine shafts; and have constructed or expanded some of the most-traveled roadways within the western United States.

Clients who require sophisticated solutions turn to Atkinson for:
  • Roads and bridges
  • Tunnel and shaft work
  • Mass-transit facilities
  • Mining and metallurgic facilities
  • Dam and hydroelectric projects
  • Design-build contracts
Atkinson is a subsidiary of Clark Construction Group, LLC.

Clark, founded in 1906, is one of the nation's most experienced and respected providers of construction services. It generates over $4 billion of annual revenue and is responsible for some of the nation's most significant construction projects.

Together, Atkinson and Clark provide clients with a comprehensive range of project development services tailored to meet - or exceed - our customers' expectations for quality and cost-effectiveness.