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Avery Island Salt Mine
Location: New Iberia, Louisiana
Owner: Cargill Deicing Technologies
Designer/Architect: N/A
Contract Value: $3.7 million
Completion Date: 2011

Atkinson provided contract labor for production mining, general mine maintenance, supervision, and safety for the Avery Island Salt Mine in New Iberia, Louisiana. Run by Cargill Deicing Technologies, the mine produces 15,000 tons of salt per day.

Atkinson continues to provide additional support to ongoing mine maintenance operations.
Golden Sunlight Mine
Location: Whitehall, Montana
Owner: Barrick Gold of North America, Inc.
Designer/Architect: Barrick Gold of North America
Contract Value: $12.3 million
Completion Date: 2009

In 2008, Atkinson was awarded the contract for underground development and mining operations at the Golden Sunlight Mine in Whitehall, Montana. The project was designed to retrieve 36,000 ounces of gold that was estimated to remain at the bottom of an existing open pit mine.

Atkinson's work included 1,300 feet of 14-foot-wide-by-14-foot-high, sub-level access and miscellaneous access ramp at a -15 to +15 percent grade, 1,500 feet of 13-foot-by-13-foot-high sub-levels at a +2 percent grade, ground support, including friction bolts and 12-foot dywidags and mesh, 120 feet of 8-foot-by-8-foot, man-way secondary escape and ventilation raise, 10,000 feet of reverse circulation definition drilling, and approximately 260,000 tons of long-hole stop production.
Highland Boy Drainage Gallery
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Owner: Kennecott Utah Copper
Designer/Architect: Nordmin Engineering
Contract Value: $41.8 million
Completion Date: 2009

Atkinson constructed an 8,000-linear-foot drainage gallery at the base of the Bingham Canyon Mine. During excavation, crews used drill and blast techniques to advance the tunnel simultaneously from two headings in a horseshoe orientation and met in the middle. Along the way, drill stations and sump pumps were installed to support the drainage program that runs throughout the tunnel. The tunnel is supported by shotcrete, welded wire mesh, and various bolting techniques.

Upon completion of the tunnel, Atkinson installed a drainage system comprised of stainless steel header units. The system collects water that drains from the drill galleries into an 18-inch HDPE pipe and discharges it into a sump at the portals.

News Release: Atkinson Underground Awarded Drainage Gallery at Bingham Canyon Mine
dam Location: Carlin, Nevada
Owner: Newmont Gold Corporation
Designer/Architect: SNC-Lavalin America, Inc / Dynatec
Contract Value: $41.6 million
Completion Date: 2006

In 2002, Atkinson began work on the Leeville Shafts in Carlin, Nevada. Designed to recover underground gold deposits which were located near an open pit mining operation, the project included the excavation and concrete lining of two separate shafts: a 22-foot-diameter, 1,900-linear-foot production shaft, and a 20-foot-diameter, 1,650-linear-foot ventilation shaft. Both shafts were excavated using typical drill and blast techniques. Cover and contact grouting techniques also were used throughout the project in order to control the inflow of ground water.

In addition to excavation work, Atkinson installed various surface facilities, performed head frame and collar installations, and set up temporary facilities and sinking plants for both shafts.

Lime Creek Access Slopes
Location: Ames, Iowa
Owner: Martin Marietta Aggregates
Designer/Architect: Jacobs Associates
Contract Value: $3.5 million
Completion Date: 2007

In 2006, Atkinson was awarded the contract to construct two, 424-foot-long tunnels at Lime Creek. The tunnels, which are 24 feet high by 26 feet wide, run at a -17.63 percent slope, and stretch from the Lime Creek formation to an area where the existing mine could access new limestone reserves.

Crews also excavated a 120-foot-long, 24-foot-high-by-26-foot-wide tunnel. Additionally, Atkinson installed two new 50,000 CFM ventilation fans and motors along with 54-inch-diameter ductwork to accommodate the new fans. After completing the drifting work, Atkinson placed a six-foot-wide conveyor system along the entire length of the slope.
morenci bolts no images
Morenci Bolts
Location: Morenci, Arizona
Owner: Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold
Designer/Architect: N/A
Contract Value: $1.9 million
Completion Date: 2010

In 2008, Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold awarded Atkinson the contract to replace anchor bolts in their P-6 conveyor tunnel located in the Morenci mine. Atkinson mobilized supervision, crews, equipment, and materials to install 90 bolts along the mine's existing conveyor system.

The bolts, which are 5-foot-long, resin-encapsulated stainless steel Williams Form rock anchors, were installed using hand-held pneumatic rock drills. In addition to the bolt installation, Atkinson also welded a new pad eye onto the conveyor frame and installed the required hanging hardware, including stainless steel plate, hex nut, spherical washer, eye bolts, 3/8-inch chain, and turnbuckle.

Since the project's completion, Atkinson has returned to the mine to perform additional rehabilitation work.
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North Ore Shoot Shaft Recovery Project
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Owner: Kennecott Utah Copper
Designer/Architect: Nordmin Engineering
Contract Value: $44.5 million
Completion Date: 2008

In 2006, Kennecott Utah Copper and Gold contracted Atkinson to recover a mine shaft that was built years before but had since been capped, backfilled, and abandoned. To uncover the old shaft, crews excavated a 230-foot-deep, 28-foot-diameter shaft through unconsolidated waste rock fill to an existing heavily-reinforced concrete shaft collar. Once complete, Atkinson installed a new shaft collar and concrete liner throughout the new excavation, and later removed the existing shaft collar and dewatered the 3,300-foot-deep, 20-foot-diameter shaft.

Additionally, crews constructed a surface support system for the shaft and installed a permanent headframe and hoisting house, as well as other surface buildings deemed necessary for the mine's underground operations.

News Release: Atkinson Awarded Second Contract at Bingham Canyon Mine
Pinson Mine Project
Location: Golconda, Nevada
Owner: Barrick Gold of North America, Inc.
Designer/Architect: Barrick Gold of North America, Inc.
Contract Value: $3.1 million
Completion Date: 2009

Atkinson led a $3 million underground development project at the Pinson Gold Mine near Golconda, Nevada. The project's scope required approximately 12,500 feet of drift and decline excavation. The drifts were excavated at 15 feet wide by 16 feet high and supported to the owner's standards. Additionally, Atkinson performed test mining on 34,600 tons of mineralized material using an underhand drift and fill method.
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Port of Will County Decline
Location: Joliet, Illinois
Owner: Mining International, LLC
Designer/Architect: Continental Placer, Inc.
Contract Value: $4.7 million
Completion Date: 2007

Atkinson led work on the $4.6 million Port of Will County Decline project for Mining International, LLC, which included driving a 1,500-foot-long, 20-foot-wide-by-20-foot-high tunnel at a -15 percent grade. Atkinson utilized a AM105 Alpine Miner, more commonly known as a roadheader, during the tunnel's excavation. Originally designed to provide the owner with access to a level of limestone, the tunnel was later utilized for processing and selling limestone.
st. lawrence zinc mine more images
St. Lawrence Zinc Mine
Location: Gouverneur, New York
Owner: St. Lawrence Zinc Company, LLC
Designer/Architect: N/A
Contract Value: $3.7 million
Completion Date: 2007

In 2005, Atkinson assisted the St. Lawrence Zinc Company in the development of their zinc mine in Gouverneur, New York. The $3.7 million contract included the underground development of over 15,000 linear feet of 15-foot-by-17-foot excavations.