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Golden Sunlight Mine

Golden Sunlight Mine

Whitehall, Montana
Barrick Gold of North America, Inc.
Contract Value
$12.3 Million
Completion Date
Market Sector
Self Performance

Atkinson was awarded the contract for underground development and mining operations at the Golden Sunlight Mine in Whitehall, Montana, in an to attempt to retrieve 36,000 ounces of gold that was estimated to remain at the bottom of an existing pit mine.

Atkinson’s work included 1,300 feet of 14-foot-wide by 14-foot-high sub-level access and a miscellaneous access ramp at a -15 to +15 percent grade as well as 1,500 feet of 13-foot-wide by 13-foot-high sub-levels at a +2 percent grade. The project also included ground support including friction bolts, 12-foot DYWIDAGs and mesh, a 120 feet of 8-foot by 8-foot man-way, a secondary escape and ventilation raise, 10,000 feet of reverse circulation definition drilling, and approximately 260,000 tons of long-hole stop production.

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