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Leeville 3rd Ore Bin Project

Leeville 3rd Ore Bin Project

Carlin, Nevada
Newmont Gold Corporation
Dynatec Mining Services
Contract Value
$4.8 Million
Completion Date
Market Sector
Self Performance

This project consisted of the excavation and construction of a 20-foot finished diameter by 105-foot deep concrete backfilled, steel plate-lined Ore Bin. Atkinson's scope of the work included underground set-up of a head frame, two winches for the double deck galloway, and a crane for access into the bin.

The project also featured the installation of the reinforced concrete ore bin floor with support walls, extending the existing conveyor below the new bin with a new tail piece and belt feeder, and installing a double truck dump with an operator booth at the top of the bin.

Additional work included the rehabilitation of two existing ore bins, air door construction, installing ventilation raise liner with backfill, concrete road construction, miscellaneous ground support, new utility hanger bolt installation, and the installation of steel liner plates with concrete backfill in the two original ore bins.