Cordell Hull Capital Connector Wins Best Specialty Concrete Project Award

Nashville, TN – The Tennessee Concrete Association awarded the Best Specialty Concrete Project Award to the Cordell Hull Capital Utility Connector Project. Atkinson performed an $11 million subcontract to complete the excavation of a 430-linear-foot, arch-shaped tunnel under the center of the Tennessee State Capital that will ultimately provide indoor and ADA access from the Capital to the Cordell Hull State Office Building, as well as a utility corridor to connect communication lines between the two buildings. Atkinson’s scope of work included deepening two elevator shafts; excavating stairwell and mechanical shafts; ground support including spiling, lattice girders, rock bolts, and steel fiber reinforced shotcrete; and once the excavation was complete, Atkinson placed structural invert concrete throughout the tunnel. This TCA Concrete Excellence Award for Best Specialty Concrete Project was presented to the project team at TCA’s 2018 Annual Convention on February 8th. Congratulations to the project team!