• Roadways & Bridges

    I-405 – SR 520 Bellevue Braids

    Known as the Bellevue Braids because of the serpentine manner in which the ramps link I-405 to SR 520, this project improved traffic conditions at the highest-volume interchange on the I-405 corridor.

  • Mass Transit

    San Diego State University Tunnel & Station

    Constructed under the active San Diego State University campus, this award-winning transit project included tunnels, a 50,000 square-foot trolley station, and a 14-ton arched suspension bridge for pedestrians.

  • Dam & Hydro

    Mud Mountain Inlet

    Fifty years after completing the original Mud Mountain Dam, Atkinson returned to the site to make major modifications to the flow control facilities.

  • Mining

    Highland Boy Drainage Gallery

    Atkinson completed the excavation and construction of a 15-foot-by-8,000-linear-foot horseshoe tunnel at the Bingham Canyon Mine. During excavation, crews used drill and blast techniques to advance the tunnel simultaneously from two headings in a horseshoe orientation and met in the middle.

  • Underground

    Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Rosslyn Station

    Virginia’s Rosslyn Metro Station required excavation of 93-foot shaft, a 40-foot diameter mezzanine tunnel, and a 15-foot diameter passageway tunnel. The ground support system consisted of number nine by 25-foot-long post-tensioned rock anchors and steel fiber-reinforced shotcrete.