Small Business Commitment

Our dedication to empowering small businesses shines through innovation and tailored solutions to meet clients' distinct needs and drive success.

Meeting of small business leaders
Small Business Pledge

Atkinson, as part of Clark, proudly supports the SDBE15 pledge an initiative designed to expand networks, cultivate lasting partnerships, and enhance nationwide client delivery. 

Aligned with Clark's holistic approach, the SDBE15 program seamlessly complements Clark's Strategic Partnership Program, representing an investment in small businesses and contributing to shaping the industry's future.

Strategic Partnership Program (SPP)

Atkinson shares Clark's commitment to fostering inclusive growth through the Strategic Partnership Program (SPP), an initiative that empowers small businesses, enriches communities, and elevates the industry. 

Explore the possibilities of inclusive growth with SPP. 

"On behalf of the Washington State Department of Transportation, thank you for being such a great mentor to KCD Trucking. Their experience spotlights your company's desire to help WSDOT create a more equitable contracting environment. Again, thank you for being such a great mentor in the Capacity Building Mentorship Program. We appreciate you."

Earl Key, Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity, Washington State Department of Transportation

"They [Atkinson] have contributed to my business's growth and I am grateful. I am also grateful for the 2018 WSDOT mentorship program because without that, I would have never had the opportunities I've had with Atkinson in such a short period of time. Thank you for that. It was truly life-changing."

Kelly Jefferson, CEO, KCD Trucking

"As prime contractor on seven WSDOT projects during the past three years, Atkinson has used 38 different firms, of which 65 percent were contracted voluntarily. Atkinson has also been an active participant on WSDOT’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Advisory Group, which is working to enhance the agency’s DBE Program."

Roger Millar, Secretary of Transportation, Washington State

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