Atkinson's executive leadership team is a dynamic group of industry veterans committed to quality, integrity, and client satisfaction.



Director, Human Resources
Project Executive, Northwest
Area Safety Manager, Underground
Preconstruction Executive, Underground
Regional Safety Director, Northwest
Preconstruction Executive, Northwest
Senior Project Manager
Preconstruction Executive, California
Chief Estimator, Northwest
Area Safety Manager, California
Vice President, California
Vice President, Underground
Project Executive, Underground
Director, Marketing
Preconstruction Executive, California
Area Manager, Northwest
Chief Executive Officer
Director, Preconstruction, California
Vice President and General Manager, California
Project Executive, California
Vice President, Northwest

"My favorite part of construction is working with craft workers of every level in the field, from apprentices on up."

Brandon Dully, President

"We have the opportunity to build meaningful and impactful projects that improve the lives of people in the communities where we work."

John O'Keefe, Chief Executive Officer

"Heavy civil construction is extremely rewarding. I enjoy working with individuals who are smart, hard-working, and creative. Together we complete complex projects and can proudly say, 'We built that.'"

Bob Adams, Senior Vice President


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