Environmental Stewardship

Atkinson strives to make meaningful change and lasting improvements that will benefit our nation for years to come. 


We minimize the environmental impact of every project through sustainable construction practices, responsible resource management, and eco-friendly technologies.


Protecting Habitat and Wildlife

The Fish Passage Program in Washington State fosters healthy waterway ecosystems by removing or restoring barriers that keep fish and other aquatic species from moving freely to feed, migrate, and reproduce. This program is critical to preserve salmon and steelhead fish. Atkinson has or is currently working to remove over 25 fish barrier culverts from state highways.

Atkinson also constructed the first ever wildlife crossing over an interstate, which provides a natural route for animals such as elk and cougars to go over the busy highway safely.

SR 167, Riparian Restoration Program, Hylebos Creek


Zero-emission vehicles are the future. Atkinson is helping pave the way by constructing infrastructure to support these vehicles, including solar-powered electric vehicle-charging spaces.

EV Charging Solar Canopy
Atkinson to Build I-90 Keechelus Dam to Stampede Pass

Press Releases

Atkinson to Build I-90 Keechelus Dam to Stampede Pass

HYAK, Wash. – Washington State Department of Transportation has awarded Atkinson a $73 million contract to reconstruct a 2.5-mile portion of I-90 on the Snoqualmie Pass.
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