San Ysidro Border Crossing Reopened 12 Hours Early

San Ysidro, CA – Atkinson completed work during a major 57-hour closure at the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry and reopened Southbound I-5 and I-805 to traffic at 12:00 AM Monday September 25th—12 hours earlier than initially scheduled.

Atkinson closed the freeways at the San Ysidro port, considered the busiest border crossing in the world, south of State Route 905 at 3:00 AM Saturday, thus affecting tens of thousands of travelers and commuters. The closure allowed construction crews to disassemble a southbound vehicle-inspection canopy over I-5, perform roadway pavement replacement, install underground utilities, and install new precast concrete barrier during the around-the-clock operations. Additionally, the work was so well planned and executed, crews opened four of five southbound lanes at 12:00 AM instead of three as initially planned.