Atkinson Wins the I-215/Scott Road Interchange Project

Riverside County, CA - The County of Riverside Transportation Department has awarded Atkinson a $32 million contract for the I-215/Scott Road Interchange project in Riverside County, CA. Atkinson will construct a new partial cloverleaf interchange with standard diamond ramps, hook entrance ramps, and a new overcrossing at I-215 and Scott Road. The scope of work includes a 338-ft. long, 90-ft. wide cast-in-place box girder bridge, three new cast-in-place retaining walls, and more than 215,000 cubic yards of earthwork. Early in the bid period, Atkinson identified imported earthwork material procurement as critical to project success. Team leaders took on the challenge of finding and sourcing material from a local supplier. This early planning and strategic supplier agreement resulted in a significant bid advantage, which allowed Atkinson to win the project. The project team also will install drainage, lighting and sign improvements, signal modification, and ramp metering on all on-ramps. Project completion is slated for March 2020.