SoCal Team Competes in Spartan Race

Chino, CA - Team Atkinson and Team Clark joined together and rallied several members from the Southern California project teams to compete in a Spartan Race on Sunday, January 28th at the Prado Regional Park in Chino, California. Twenty-five of our employees came together and took on this incredible, physical challenge, worked together to overcome obstacles, and endured together to finish the race. The race was 5 miles long with over 20 obstacles, including climbing over walls, crawling under barbed wire, and climbing up ropes while soaked head to toe in mud. The event was an incredible success and showcased these individuals' toughness and drive to take on challenging tasks and work together as a team towards incredible goals. A congratulations goes out to these Atkinson and Clark employees who took on this incredible challenge: Aiden Park, Alex Wells, Angel Torres, Bishoy Elmagarisy, Brent Fritzinger, Chester Lui, Elda Mariscal, Geoff Lister, Jamaica Go, Johann Freeberg, John Daher, Keith Butz, Lauren Vogelsang, Marjo Jarrin, Mark Torres, Michael Ashby, Michael Tembly, Michal Kosik, Mike Daoust, Neal French, Ralph Torrez, Robert Rodriguez, Scott Mathewson, Stephanie Holgren, and Tim Stroud.