2021 Q1 Safety Champions

June 4, 2021

2021 Q1 Safety Champions

This year at Atkinson, we are committed to placing more emphasis on recognizing our team members for the great work they are doing every day. Across the company, our employees lead by example and take pride in consistently demonstrating “The ATKN Way”—being All in, T.R.A.C.K.ing the plan, Knowing the work, and ensuring that No one gets hurt. In order to recognize those team members that stand out in demonstrating The ATKN Way, we have rolled out a new company-wide safety recognition program that took effect in the first quarter of this year. Numerous individuals were nominated, with only a select few chosen to be the first Safety Champions in our company. Their achievements are highlighted below.

Daniel Medeiros, Crane Operator—Northwest Division
Dan always Speaks Up and points out safety hazards he observes. He constantly communicates with those around him, identifies the qualified signal persons, lift director, and qualified rigger as part of his normal daily setup. He won’t fly loads if they are not properly rigged or without tag lines, and he is constantly cleaning the equipment and helping outside of his normal crane operations when he can. Dan regularly identifies safer ways to do things, innovating improved procedures, and brainstorming when needed. Dan is always aware of others’ safety, both in his operations and those around him. He has contacted the project manager after hours and on weekends with observations he sees as he drives by the project on his days off. He always has the project’s best interest in mind, even when he is not officially at work.

Joshua Black, Walker—Underground Division
Josh currently holds an OSHA-30 certification and is the division’s lead certified shotcrete nozzleman. He is known for using his experience to teach the other nozzlemen the potential hazards and best ways to position themselves while operating the robot or while shooting by hand. Josh handles all situations in a professional manner and is always looking out for his crews and other workers on the project. When conditions change, he has stopped and changed the work method to prevent injury and increase production. He regularly Speaks Up in mass safety meetings to give guidance on the correct and safe way to perform tasks. Lastly, Josh’s TRACK’s are very detailed each day on paper as well as in his verbal description of how he wants the tasks performed and why. Josh understands the importance of the TRACK process and reinforces this with his crews every week.

Michael Trembly, Carpenter Journeyman—SoCal Division
Mike is the first person to notice safety concerns in the field and will act on them without delay. For example, if there is a missing rebar cap, housekeeping that needs to be done, or ladders to be secured, he will take the time to install those items before continuing his work—without sacrificing his production goals. Mike is known for consistently Speaking Up in the field. He maintains an effective approach, generating an atmosphere of mutual respect with co-workers and subcontractors alike. During TRACK briefings, safety meetings, or toolbox talks, Mike will ask specific questions to the attendees to foster engagement. During the recent town hall meeting, Mike recommended that crews engage in an after-action review for the significant field operations conducted. Mike then championed this process on the project, ensuring that these reviews were conducted in future operations.

Congratulations to our 2021 1st Quarter SAFETY CHAMPIONS!