Project Development

Thoughtful planning is the foundation for successful projects.

Design and Constructability Reviews

During design, Atkinson focuses on evaluating all alternatives to identify solutions that optimize construction schedule and budget, mitigate risks, and provide cost certainty.

Cost Planning and Estimating

Extensive market insights, historical data from thousands of projects, and supply chain expertise enable us to provide cost certainty.

Atkinson works with clients and designers to establish the budget and provide continuous estimating throughout design. Our collaborative approach ensures the best value as the client’s vision is realized.

Design Management

Whether the designer is working for the client or we are engaged as a design-builder, we support the accurate and timely development of documents to meet our clients’ needs and limit design changes that disrupt delivery.


Our long-standing trade contractor relationships provide a deep understanding of the market.

Our strategy is based on four principles:

  • Clear and complete scope packages
  • Market competition
  • Understanding supply chains changes
  • Ensuring we achieve our small business goals

Development Schedules

Pull planning in the development phase makes sure our clients get what they need, when they need it.

We work together to create a visual representation of an entire project – including design decisions, dependent activities, and areas of risk. Everyone involved in the project understands their roles and responsibilities and can coordinate efforts efficiently.

Get in Touch

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