Atkinson's quality program and in-house quality experts ensure we exceed our client's guidelines and expectations.

Constructability Reviews

On every project, our quality team conducts a constructability review of plans and specifications. 

We leverage our breadth of knowledge, along with extensive jobsite experience, to identify and solve for potential design issues in material selection and compatibility.

Pre-Activity Meetings

Atkinson holds meetings prior to the start of each new work activity to ensure all project personnel have a thorough understanding. 

These meetings are crucial for effective communication and coordination among project personnel, trade contractors, and stakeholders.

Material Approvals

Ensuring that all permanent materials are approved prior to installation helps maintain compliance with industry standards. 

Atkinson ensures our quality staff document the material approval process, including referencing all specifications. This ensures acceptance for each material and provides a detailed audit trail.

Documentation and Audits

Atkinson gathers and files all documentation as the project progresses to ensure a smooth project close-out. 

All quality inspectors are equipped with iPhones and iPads to upload quality photos and documents directly to our cloud-based document control system, ensuring a comprehensive record of the work.

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