We prioritize safety as a core value, because no project is successful unless it is completed safely. 


Through careful planning, training, and teamwork, we are committed to ensuring that everyone goes home safely, every day.

Industry-leading safety standards

As part of Clark Construction, we have safety expectations and requirements that are among the most stringent in the industry. We continuously evaluate the way we build and challenge the status quo.

Below are some important recent advancements:

  • Requiring safety helmets for all employees and trade contractors
  • Requiring third-party inspections of mobile cranes before they are placed into operation
  • Implementing comprehensive falling object prevention measures, including tool tethering, strategic material storage, and full-height netting
  • Elevating our minimum cut-level for gloves
  • Retrofitting equipment with a Keytroller Slingbelt
Two Atkinson craft team members pose in their PPE

Safety Helmets

As part of Clark, we became the first general contractor in the United States to require all employees to wear safety helmets with chin straps, in 2017. This change offers greater protection against traumatic brain injuries and other head injuries.

In 2022 – again as the first contractor to do so – we extended the requirement to all trade contractors working on our jobsites nationwide.

Heavy Equipment

In 2019, the National Equipment Group led an effort to minimize the dangers of operating heavy equipment.

After extensive research, the team had our equipment retrofitted with a Keytroller Slingbelt – a piece of equipment that makes it virtually impossible to operate heavy equipment without a buckled seatbelt.

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