Rosslyn Station Access Improvements


Arlington County

Completion Date



Grasso Holdings


Arlington, Virginia

Delivery Method

General Contractor



Contract Value

$32 million
Rosslyn Metro Station
finished interior rosslyn station
tunnel excavation
exterior aerial view of shaft during construction

The Rosslyn Station Access Improvements accomodates growing ridership needs at this prominent transportation hub in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. This comprehensive initiative included the addition of three high-speed elevators, an emergency access stairwell, a new mezzanine, an underground cross-connect passageway, waterproofing measures, the provision of mechanical and ancillary spaces, and the incorporation of advanced electrical and communications equipment.

Atkinson excavated the shaft and mezzanine tunnel within the gneiss rock using controlled drill and blast excavation and excavated the passageway tunnel that tied into the existing metro station using mechanical excavation methods. The shaft ground support system consisted of long post-tensioned rock anchors and steel fiber-reinforced shotcrete. The mezzanine tunnel and passageway tunnel ground support system consisted of Swellex bolts—varying in length—and steel fiber-reinforced shotcrete.

The unique urban environment of Rosslyn, Arlington, VA, presented specific challenges due to its proximity to high-rise buildings, an operational metro station, and existing tunnels. Despite these complexities, the expansion project successfully introduced three high-speed elevators, enhancing accessibility to the Rosslyn Metro Station. Throughout the project, diligent efforts were made to minimize disruptions to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) operations and to ensure limited noise disturbance to the surrounding community.