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BART Earthquake Safety Project

BART Earthquake Safety Project

Saving time through Atkinson's innovation
Oakland, California
Bay Area Rapid Transit
Contract Value
$19 Million
Completion Date
Market Sector
Mass Transit

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Earthquake Safety Project was a seismic retrofit for the Earthquake Safety Program. Developed after the 1989 Lomo Prieta earthquake, the program focused on upgrades to vulnerable portions of the original BART system to ensure public safety during an earthquake.

Atkinson began work at the Oakland Coliseum Station and continued down the A Line to the Bayfair Station in Hayward. The project consisted of retrofitting 353 footings, each requiring an average of 1,000 linear feet of vertical drilling. The team also managed the unique challenge produced by the high-grade rebar that was grouted into each footing for the designed concrete cap.

During the bidding process, the pursuit team shaved nearly one year off BART's proposed schedule using an innovative construction technique developed by Atkinson's Rosslyn Metro Station project team in Arlington, Virginia. Even with the schedule cut by 360 days, the Atkinson project team completed one month ahead of schedule.