Leeville Hoisting & Underground Conveying System


Newmont Gold Corporation

Completion Date



Dynatec Mining Services


Carlin, Nevada

Delivery Method

General Contractor



Contract Value

$3 million
Leeville Hoisting & Underground Conveying System

The goal was to convert this system into a versatile hoisting and conveyance system, allowing for the transport of backfill material from the surface to the underground storage bins. 

Atkinson's scope of work included removal and repair of existing structures and systems that were planned for reuse in the aggregate hoisting system. Atkinson constructed a 200-ton bin, excavated a wood cribbed raise, slashed the raise to expand it to the final dimensions of 11 feet by 10.5 feet, installed a dump chute in the raise, and installed a conveyance system from the dump chute to the storage bin.