Whiskey Island Surge Bin Removal


Cargill Salt Deicing Technology

Completion Date



Dynatec Mining Services


Cleveland, Ohio

Delivery Method

General Contractor



Contract Value

$3 million
Surge Bin Removal in progress

Whiskey Island Surge Bin Removal project included work within a salt mine situated 1,700 feet beneath Lake Erie. The Surge Bin is 200 feet in length, 30 feet in width, and 20 feet in depth. The comprehensive undertaking included the removal of aging steel structures, conveyor belt frames, walkways, two substantial hoppers, and the salt content within the bin.

Atkinson used oxygen and acetylene for precise steel cutting and then removed the steel materials from the bin. An important part of the project involved the installation of seven monorails along the roof, facilitating the movement of steel components and the lowering of a substantial truss. Atkinson crews used air tuggers to move steel and lower a large truss. The steel and salt were removed so that Cargill could use the space for future crushing operations in the mine.