Atlanta Water Supply Program


Atlanta Watershed Department

Completion Date



McMillen Jacobs Associates


Atlanta, Georgia

Delivery Method

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)



Contract Value

$164 million
Atlanta Water Supply Program Phase 1A, Bellwood Quarry Tunnels and Shafts

The Atlanta Water Supply Program included an approximately 5-mile long, 12.5-foot diameter, finished TBM water conveyance and storage tunnel connecting the Bellwood Quarry to the Hemphill Pump Station and the Chattahoochee River. Delivered under a CMAR contract, the tunnel originates at the Bellwood Quarry site via portal launch, continues to the Hemphill Pump Station, and terminates at the Clayton site—increasing Atlanta’s water storage capacity from a 4-day to a 40-day supply. 

The Bellwood site includes four shafts ranging in depths from 200 to 400 feet with 20- to 30-foot diameters and finished with reinforced cast-in-place concrete, placed both top-down and bottom-up, with associated hand-mined adits connecting the shafts to the quarry. 

At the Hemphill site, tunnel connections include five, 9.5-foot diameter, blind-drilled pump shafts lined with steel casing. 

At the Clayton site, a 30-foot diameter by 350-foot-deep shaft served as the exit location for the TBM.


2021 ENR Global Best Project Merit Award (Water/Wastewater)
2021 ENR Southeast Best Project (Water/Wastewater)
2021 AGC Build America Award