Randolph Mine Decline Rehabilitation


Martin Marietta Materials

Completion Date



Kansas City, Missouri

Delivery Method

General Contractor



Contract Value

$8 million
Randolph Mine Decline Rehabilitation

Randolph Mine Decline Rehabilitation includes the installation of 950 structural steel arch supports in two existing openings leading into the limestone mine, which remained fully operational during construction. Atkinson strategically positioned these steel arch supports at precise intervals of every four feet along a 17 percent sloping gradient. Additionally, the team installed substantial steel and concrete structures at the intersections of 10 cross passages linking the two access excavations. To ensure the structural integrity of the ground above, Atkinson positioned approximately 17,500 cubic yards of concrete and cementitious backfill behind the steel supports.

Beyond this core task, the project included a range of preparatory activities and construction initiatives. The scope of work included the involvement of removing and reinstating high-voltage power lines, as well as the establishment of a comprehensive water piping system to facilitate the supply and discharge of water during mining operations. The project included the removal and reinstallation of a 4,000-linear-foot, 60-inch mainline conveyor belt, a crucial component designed to enhance the efficiency of the conveyor system, which played a central role in transporting crushed limestone from the mine to increase the efficiency of the conveyor system.