SR 22/I-405/I-605 West County Connector – Western Segment


California Department of Transportation

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TRC Companies


Long Beach, California

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Contract Value

$101 million
SR 22 Western Segment underway

SR 22/I-405/I-605 West Connector Western Segment streamlines the transition between different highways, effectively creating direct connector ramps that link the I-405 high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to I-605 and State Route 22, facilitating smoother traffic flow into Long Beach.

The comprehensive scope of work encompassed several crucial elements, including the expansion of the outer lanes of I-405 to accommodate additional HOV lanes in both directions within the median. Additionally, the project involved the construction of new I-405/I-605 HOV direct connector ramps and the complete reconstruction of four bridge structures. These bridges included the Seal Beach Boulevard bridge, which traversed over I-405, as well as the eastbound SR-22 to northbound I-405 connector, the eastbound SR-22 to northbound I-605 connector, and the northbound I-405 to westbound SR-22 connector.

A notable feature of the project was the construction of the I-405/I-605 HOV direct connector bridge, an impressive structure measuring 2,902 feet in length and soaring 45 feet above I-405, a vital artery accommodating a staggering 415,000 vehicles daily. Constructed within the median of the freeway, this HOV connector necessitated the construction of substantial 26-foot-high retaining walls. Given the constraints of the construction footprint and the unsuitable soil conditions for traditional cantilever retaining walls or mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls, the design team adopted an innovative approach that incorporated lightweight fill and precast panels for the structure approach.

Atkinson leveraged extensive self-perform capabilities to execute various critical aspects of the project. These included the installation of 20,000 linear feet of drainage, the placement of 42,000 cubic yards of bridge concrete, the pouring of 2,200 cubic yards of wall concrete, the construction of 40,000 cubic yards of concrete paving, and the excavation of a substantial 356,000 cubic yards of roadway excavation.