SR 91 Corridor Improvements


Riverside County Transportation Commission

Completion Date



URS Corporation
Jacobs Engineering Group


Corona, California

Delivery Method




Contract Value

$627 million
SR 91 Corridor Improvements

The SR 91 Corridor Improvements project addresses traffic congestion, which includes a daily volume of 280,000 vehicles along the corridor. The project extended the existing Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) SR 91 ExpressLanes eastward by 8 miles to I-15. Additionally, the project widened the existing interstate from five to eight lanes in each direction. This expansion involved transforming the single HOV lane into two Express Toll Lanes, adding one general-purpose lane, and introducing an auxiliary lane to manage on/off traffic. The project included essential enhancements to the I-15/SR 91 interchange, a 3-mile segment of improvements on I-15, and a new tolled express lane direct connector facilitating eastbound SR 91 access to southbound I-15.

The scope of work encompassed the construction of 32 bridges and 100 retaining walls, collectively spanning nearly one million square feet (MSE, Soil Nail). The project featured the placement of 200,000 cubic yards of Portland Cement concrete pavement (PCCP) and the installation of 290,000 square feet of sound walls.