SR 509/I-5 to 24th St – New Expressway


Washington State Department of Transportation

Completion Date



Jacobs Engineering Group


Kent, Washington

Delivery Method




Contract Value

$263 million
1-5 to 24th Ave Expressway

The SR 509/I-5 to 24th St – New Expressway includes construction of a new SR 509 alignment from I-5 to 24th Ave S and a new interchange with I-5. The project improves approximately 2.5 miles of I-5 from S 200th Street to SR 516, including a southbound collector-distributor road and auxiliary lane, and a northbound auxiliary lane; constructs a new undercrossing of I-5 to create a new eastbound and westbound connection between Veterans Drive and the southbound I-5 off-ramp to SR 516. The project also widens SR 516, replaces the S 216th Street bridge over I-5, reconstructs the I-5/SR 516 interchange and ramp connections to Veterans Drive and I-5, and improves local road. Work includes noise walls, paving, drainage improvements, signing, illumination, ITS, signals, and toll infrastructure.